Overline: New Management wpn2030
Headline: Changes to Board of the Science Platform Sustainability 2030

The Science Platform Sustainability 2030 (wpn2030) started the New Year with a new management team. Daniela Jacob, Director of the Climate Service Center Germany and Chairperson of the German Committee Future Earth (DKN Future Earth), and Christa Liedtke, Director of the Sustainable Production and Consumption department at the Wuppertal Institute, Professor at the Folkwang University of the Arts, and member of the Steering Committee of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Germany, have joined IASS Director Patrizia Nanz at the helm of the Platform.

Daniela Jacob | Christa Liedtke | Patrizia Nanz
Daniela Jacob | Christa Liedtke | Patrizia Nanz IASS

“In its first three years, the Platform has made a remarkable contribution to the scientific underpinning of German sustainability policy – for this I would like to sincerely thank my predecessors and future colleagues on the Board and Steering Committee of the wpn2030,” said Christa Liedtke, adding that “We now need to dedicate ourselves to building on that work, and I intend to contribute my knowledge of transition design and transformation research on sustainable production and consumption to this effort. Because as scientists and as a society, we are only beginning to understand how to realise and communicate the vast array of possible sustainable lifestyle options."

Daniela Jacob also complimented the Platform for its impressive work to “communicate and harness scientific findings in order to foster sustainable development.” She emphasised that “This provides a sound basis for further efforts to intensify the science-policy dialogue at national level in these times of societal transformation while also contributing meaningfully to the European Green Deal.”

Patrizia Nanz said: “I look forward to working together with Daniela Jacob and Christa Liedtke and thank my former colleagues Dirk Messner and Martin Visbeck for their services and dedication to the Platform in its formative years. wpn2030 is now established as an important space for science at the interface of politics, and we will continue to develop the Platform so that it can make an even greater contribution to advancing sustainable development. I’m also looking forward to the new experience of working on a board composed solely of women.”

The Science Platform Sustainability 2030 provides a central forum for science to engage with representatives from politics, business, and society on urgent issues pertaining to sustainability policy. In its work to date, the Platform has drawn on various knowledge sources to formulate policy recommendations for sustainability action. It has also conducted a scientific consultation on the further development of Germany’s Sustainable Development Strategy and, in cooperation with SDSN Germany, brought together the Boards of Academic Advisors of the federal ministries and the Federal Chancellery to deliberate on sustainability policy. The results of all these process – including contributions from more than 200 experts from science, politics and civil society – fed into the wpn2030 Reflection Paper on the further development of Germany’s Sustainable Development Strategy.
Further information: https://www.wpn2030.de/en/